#Afghanistan: Taliban attack a hotel near #Kabul

Brave Afghan journalists, @combatjourno et al, have been live-tweeting the gun fight... Thanks a million to @storyful middle east's Afghanistan list: https://twitter.com/#!/syflmid/afghanistan
Massoud Hossaini @Massoud151

Breaking: A big suicide attack is happened in #Khost. waiting to get more infor #AFP #Afghanistan

20/06/2012 15:13:22 WIB
Hamid Shalizi @HamidShalizi

2small blasts, gunfire heard outside Spozhmai hotel in Qargha lake. Gunfire going on for an hr, possible attack but no word from Police yet

22/06/2012 03:17:12 WIB
Hamid Shalizi @HamidShalizi

Heard loud sirens of several ambulances and police vehicles, speeding towards Qargha Lake. Something is going on.

22/06/2012 03:43:46 WIB
Hamid Shalizi @HamidShalizi

Taliban fighters, armed with heavy machinegun &PRGs, attacked Spozhmai Hotel in Qargha Lake, no word on casualties yet -Kabul CID Gen Zahir

22/06/2012 04:26:53 WIB
Aleem Agha @Aghaaleem

Taliban issued a statement confirming suicide attacks in Qargha

22/06/2012 04:34:35 WIB
Hamid Shalizi @HamidShalizi

Qargha Lake is one of few places where Kabulis hang out during holidays, a recreational spot popular for late night drink&dance parties.

22/06/2012 05:11:19 WIB
Hamid Shalizi @HamidShalizi

There weren't many #AFG sec forces at the time of the attack. Gunmen wearing suicide vests r well inside Spozhmai Hotel n Qargha Lake - Pol

22/06/2012 05:22:32 WIB
Hamid Shalizi @HamidShalizi

While most Afghans are asleep right now in Kabul, Sec forces are locked in a gun battle with the Taliban near popular Lakeside outside Kabul

22/06/2012 05:44:10 WIB
Hamid Shalizi @HamidShalizi

Many people are trapped inside the Hotel in Qargha Lake where the Taliban attacked. 4hrs since it began. Almost dawn is breaking in Kabul.

22/06/2012 05:52:00 WIB
Ali M Latifi @alibomaye

We were gonna go there today RT @AJEnglish The #Afghan #Taliban attack Kabul lake resort | http://t.co/jQycWeEt

22/06/2012 05:57:59 WIB
Hamid Shalizi @HamidShalizi

#AFG Police say waiting for the light of dawn 2 take on the Taliban who are still fighting from inside a popular Hotel in Qargha Lakeside

22/06/2012 05:58:10 WIB
Rob Taylor @RobTaylor_Made

Kabul police source says reluctant to storm Kabul hotel under Taliban attack because families are inside

22/06/2012 06:00:19 WIB
Rob Taylor @RobTaylor_Made

Dawn breaking across Kabul with call to prayer, police waiting for daybreak to step up counterattack

22/06/2012 06:04:33 WIB
Ali M Latifi @alibomaye

The #Taliban reasoning for attack on #Qargha hotel where police say families r trapped inside, "wild parties" by rich #Afghans n foreigners

22/06/2012 06:06:16 WIB
Ali M Latifi @alibomaye

Didn't a #Taliban sttmnt say somethin re targets affecting #Afghan sovereignty? What do alleged "wild parties" in #Qargha have to do w it?

22/06/2012 06:10:57 WIB
Rob Taylor @RobTaylor_Made

Qargha lake is one of Kabul's few weekend getaways, with people favouring lakeside restaurants and hotels, particularly on Thurs nites

22/06/2012 06:22:03 WIB
Rob Taylor @RobTaylor_Made

Reuters pix, tv will be on site for dawn, breaking now. Updates moving soon.

22/06/2012 06:22:59 WIB
Massoud Hossaini @Massoud151

#Taliban attacked to a Hotel in Qargha lake outskirts of #Kabul to shut down a pick-nick area for people

22/06/2012 06:33:53 WIB
Hamid Shalizi @HamidShalizi

#AFG Police say Taliban have killed some of the guests in Qargha Lakeside Hotel and have taken others hostage. Police reluctant to act now

22/06/2012 06:36:09 WIB
Rob Taylor @RobTaylor_Made

Afghan police say Taliban hold hostages at Kabul lakeside hotel siege, some people killed. Hostages thought to include women and children.

22/06/2012 06:37:46 WIB
Breaking News @BreakingNews

Taliban have killed some guests at resort hotel near Kabul; others taken hostage, police say - Reuters' @Hamidshalizi

22/06/2012 06:40:52 WIB
Hamid Shalizi @HamidShalizi

"We can kill them easily but they will kill the hostages - Kabul Police CID on Taliban's attack on Qargha resort. #AFG

22/06/2012 06:41:21 WIB
Manic Pixie Foreboding Girl @UnaDispatch

Qargha attacked? Say it ain't so. Kabulis have so few tranquil green spaces left.

22/06/2012 06:47:47 WIB
Hamid Shalizi @HamidShalizi

Police say it ws a private party by a group of rich Afghans at the Qargha resort when it ws attacked. Many jumped n2 the lake 2save t lives

22/06/2012 06:52:55 WIB
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