Ovum Smart Cities Europe 2012 #ovumsmartciti

Capturing all the tweets from the inaugural 2-day Ovum 'Smart Cities Europe 2012' conference (19-20 June 2012) in one place! Ovum 'Smart Cities Europe 2012' conference in association with Imperial College London, Digital City Exchange and the RCUK Digital Economy programme.: http://ovumsmartcities.com/
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Connected Liverpool @ConnectedLIV 19/06/2012 00:11:40 WIB
At Lime St Station, en route to Inaugural European Smart City Conference #ovumsmartciti
Larry Murphy @larrymurf 19/06/2012 06:42:16 WIB
Now in Ibis Excel London before going to the inaugral European Smart City Conference #ovumsmartciti #connectedliverpool
Happiness Architect @_HappinessArch 19/06/2012 14:28:42 WIB
I'm at Ovum Smart Cities Conference 2012 now #OvumSmartCiti looking forward to a lot of cutting-edge information and networks go the future.
Ovum Digital Futures @OvumFutures 19/06/2012 14:48:16 WIB
Ovum's inaugural Smart Cities Europe 2012 #ovumsmartciti will kick off shortly. Looking forward to Larry Hirst's opening keynote
Andrew Fletcher @aedfletcher 19/06/2012 15:38:55 WIB
Larry Hirst: what is smart? We need to reclaim what smart means #ovumsmartciti
Andrew Fletcher @aedfletcher 19/06/2012 15:41:34 WIB
Larry Hirst: Create linked data streams that can be re-purposed and connect it business models so that people can build on it #ovumsmartciti
Andrew Fletcher @aedfletcher 19/06/2012 15:43:25 WIB
Larry Hirst: Olympics is London's glimpse into what infrastructure will have to cope with in just 10 years. Need to act now! #ovumsmartciti
Amanda Creasey @AmandaCreasey1 19/06/2012 15:43:35 WIB
#ovumsmartciti at @larryhirst opening keynote at @OvumICT smart cities event - London set to grow by 5m by 2022!
Larry Murphy @larrymurf 19/06/2012 15:48:51 WIB
Listening to keynote speech by Larry Hirst CBE at Smart Cities Europe 2012 #ovumsmartciti #connectedliverpool #itsliverpool
Andrew Fletcher @aedfletcher 19/06/2012 15:52:23 WIB
@NeelieKroesEU @ #ovumsmartciti defining Smart = making use of data, empowering people and removing barriers between organisations
Kathryn Vowles @KathrynVowles 19/06/2012 15:56:51 WIB
Neelie Kroes video at #ovumsmartciti - better use of data, empowerment, removing sector barriers & understanding benefits - embrace change.
Larry Murphy @larrymurf 19/06/2012 15:57:14 WIB
Neely Kroes Companies will look to identify Smart Cities before relocating their business #ovumsmartciti #connectedliverpool #itsliverpool
Amanda Creasey @AmandaCreasey1 19/06/2012 16:01:17 WIB
#ovumsmartciti @Davidgann keynote - removal of 'peak' key for service providers
Andrew Fletcher @aedfletcher 19/06/2012 16:01:34 WIB
David Gann: Removal of peak and smooth thinking is to the service industry what lean thinking is to manufacturing #ovumsmartciti
Carly Llewellyn @ckbaker 19/06/2012 16:04:54 WIB
At the Ovum Smart Cities conference in London. Who owns the energy data for a specific city or neighborhood? #ovumsmartciti
Andrew Fletcher @aedfletcher 19/06/2012 16:14:10 WIB
If smart = simple does that mean we need to re-name some current 'smart' phones? #ovumsmartciti
Larry Murphy @larrymurf 19/06/2012 16:17:54 WIB
Prof David Gann - We have to carefully manage the risk of innovation #ovumsmartciti #connectedliverpool #itsliverpool
Andrew Fletcher @aedfletcher 19/06/2012 16:23:38 WIB
Government needs to join up across departments if we are to have truly smart cities. #ovumsmartciti
Happiness Architect @_HappinessArch 19/06/2012 16:27:10 WIB
Business model innovation workshops will be our next workshop? Very keen on discussing how we newly deliver the services #OvumSmartCiti
Andrew Fletcher @aedfletcher 19/06/2012 16:45:13 WIB
What are the feedback mechanisms in our cities by which we can express our intent and our opinions? Twitter for one! #ovumsmartciti
Hannah Collins @DrHannahCollins 19/06/2012 16:47:28 WIB
Excellent chat at #ovumsmartciti today and tomorrow. @RCUK_DE @DCExchange 's David Gann: "We need to understand how people make choices."
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