M.G. Siegler @mgsiegler
On The Road With Cr-48: The Chrome Notebook Is Both Shiny And Tarnished http://t.co/JTMTUeG
Ryan @iRyan77
Is it just me or is the Chrome cr-48 not just a black MacBook with squared corners?? Much like the new Compaq laptops...
justin @jubummy
chrome os is no more than chrome browser. wake up people
Jeff Hammond @jeffhammond
My first post from my new chrome OS notebook. I still cant believe I got this for free. Thank you Google. #chromeOS
🐱ラブリー猫ママあゆみ〜ん😻 @ayumiin
So, I took my Cr-48 off the power last night before I went to bed. I spent several hours on the internets. Battery @ 60% <3 I'm in love!
Parker @prkrs
Wow Google Cr-48 running Chrome OS replaces Caps Lock key with a 'Search' button. That's fantastic because really, who uses Caps Lock?
Benjamin @hero_inc
I'm hoping more computers follow Chrome OS and remove the CAPS LOCK.
Jim Ollom @mrchainsawak3
Four days with the Cr-48 and still very impressed. Tuesday I start using it in a more work orientated way.
Gavin @ghills
I am really digging the instant-on ChromeOS on the CR-48. There are some things I really wish I could do though... (ssh client!)
Scott Smith @scottsmith
Maybe Google leaving the caps lock off their new Chrome OS netbook will keep people FROM YELLING ONLINE.
Question of 2011: does Chrome OS make sense?
Joe Feser @joefeser
Status updates on the cr-48 are a little sluggish. I feel like I am on a terminal waiting for the text to catch up. Slight bummer.
Joe Feser @joefeser
I find that that the font rendering on the cr-48 needs improvements. Arial Style fonts have a very frustrating shadow around them.
Joe Feser @joefeser
Maybe I have just not found the correct hot key combinations but text selection, especially from gmail is #fail on the cr-48.
Hobie Henning 🦖 @hobiehenning
As hectrical as it sounds, I think I'm going to use the Windows Live web apps all tomorrow instead of Google on the Cr-48
David Pier @davidpier
Reading interesting Cr-48 reviews... seems like the MacBook Air / iPad will win unless Google makes some hardware changes. #stillaprototype
Dan Hanson @eldernerd
Day 4 with using the Cr-48 as my main laptop and so far it does everything I need it to. #chromeos #chromenotebook
Joe Feser @joefeser
Gmail on the cr-48 stopped notifying me that new emails existed. I found my new emails as I was returning from a chat search screen.
perezidential @perezidential
Great article that puts some brakes on the Chrome hype machine. Let's pause and think for a while. http://tinyurl.com/chromepause1
Mike Carlucci @mikecarlucci
The "next tab" button on the #Cr-48 is how I aways wished OS X Spaces worked. You hit the button and are advanced to the next "screen"
The awful trackpad on the CR-48 must be Google's way of making everyone learn how to use keyboard shortcuts effectively.
David Raab @emuspawn
I am sad to report that the CR-48 apparently does not have java, and therefore can not run Minecraft :C
Matthew Ames @mattyboy247
I love my CR-48. Finally found a spot where my phone gets data service.Tethering it and having a good time surfing on the new comp.
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