12 Hours of Titties on Twitter

A humorous musing about breasts while in church turns into a spiritual experience that I had to blog about.
markchappelle @markchappelle

@P_Heir So basically, if I was hiding in the foyer you woulda busted me. Nope. I'm actually on a padded pew. I am fully IN. Gim mah credit!

12/08/2013 01:15:13 WIB
E♭ @Freckled_E

@LaK7 Giiiirl read his TL!!! He didn't even pay attention in church!

12/08/2013 04:56:55 WIB
markchappelle @markchappelle

@Freckled_E Ebony. (1) Who's ugly praise is that? (2) Where do you keep getting these LOL gifs from? X-D

12/08/2013 01:20:14 WIB
E♭ @Freckled_E

@markchappelle Lolol I don't know! I found it on Google.

12/08/2013 01:24:11 WIB
markchappelle @markchappelle

It would be interesting if I were to count the times I side-eye and/or roll eyes during this church service. Or any for that matter.

12/08/2013 00:50:13 WIB
markchappelle @markchappelle

It's actually a good thing though. In place of giving the speaker side eye, I'd just get up and LEAVE. God's doing an unconventional work.

12/08/2013 00:54:28 WIB
markchappelle @markchappelle

I'm in this church service, but clearly I'm all up on this Twitter timeline. Doin' backflips and what not.

12/08/2013 01:24:04 WIB
E♭ @Freckled_E

@markchappelle I was just about to question that! PUT DAT PHONE UP AND PAY UH-TENTION!

12/08/2013 01:25:11 WIB
La Shan @LaK7

RT @markchappelle: I'm in this church service bt clearly I'm all up on this Twitter timeline. Doin' backflips &what not.< DURING CHURCH?!!!

12/08/2013 05:08:54 WIB
markchappelle @markchappelle

This pastor is telling jokes and stories. I notice when people laugh. But I haven't picked up on any points he's made yet.

12/08/2013 01:24:49 WIB
markchappelle @markchappelle

You know how you automatically tune in when someone mentions something you care about? I'm waiting for that. 'snot happening.

12/08/2013 01:25:25 WIB
markchappelle @markchappelle

Tell me if somebody mentions “titties” it doesn't bring all your attention in.

12/08/2013 01:25:50 WIB
markchappelle @markchappelle

If the Lord really wanted to speak to me today, he would make the pastor work the word “titties” into his sermon.

12/08/2013 01:26:23 WIB
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