Shareka/Tanya @SLPChat
Welcome to #slpchat no. 4: Teaching first words
Shareka/Tanya @SLPChat
Glad you've all decided to join us this afternoon #slpchat.
Shareka/Tanya @SLPChat
RT @SimplYOUniqueSP: Remember to "favorite" tweets during the chat that you want to investigate further. #slpchat
Shareka/Tanya @SLPChat
Ready for our icebreaker question? If you had to write a Speech Pathology textbook now what would it be called? #slpchat
.... I got nothing re: textbook name #slpchat
Sean Sweeney @SpeechTechie
Integrating Technology in Speech-Language Interventions (are you shocked?) #slpchat
Jennifer Hatfield @JenhSlp
Everything I need to know I didn't learn in grad school. #slpchat
Rhiannan Walton @RhiannanW
Write a text book?! In 2011?! No way, when there are so many great online resources. (& I can't think of a title!) #slpchat
Ms Chana @SimplYOUniqueSP
Thought Grad School taught you Everything....Think Again! #slpchat
Shareka @speechreka
I think mine would be something on Encouraging Language Development in 0-5. #slpchat
Shareka/Tanya @SLPChat
Huge props to @speechreka for more or less single handedly organizing this #slpchat! :) She rocks and is the bestest <3
Jennifer Hatfield @JenhSlp
YES! Good foundations but...the rest on the job learning, right? #slpchat
Jennifer Hatfield @JenhSlp
@speechreka this would be great. Not enough focused info on intervention in this age pop. #slpchat
Heather @heatherinin
Maybe something with literacy, some day. But I would read all of yours, too. On my iPad of course! #Slpchat
Tiffani Wallace @apujo5
How about, "Who knew I'd love dysphagia." #slpchat
Shareka/Tanya @SLPChat
So you should have read the latest blog post on 1st words (we hope).What type of ax would you use to evaluate a child like "Tommy"? #slpchat
Jennifer Hatfield @JenhSlp
@heatherinin another good idea. IMO. So important. The figures on literacy and language dev. astound me. #slpchat
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Jennifer Tarle @tarlespeechKIDS 11/04/2011 04:47:06 WIB
Great information. Sorry that I missed the chat. Looking forward joining everyone on May 14th!
EMcLeod @Commconnect43 11/04/2011 05:05:27 WIB
Hi all: I am an SLP working and have been working with 0-3 for the past few years, 0-5 for the past 4. I am sorry I missed the discussion. Twitter is new to me and I am trying to get up to speed. I appreciated the prelude article to the discussion and rea
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