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It has to be #digital rather than #traditional

If you give a book to a child/adult you will be looked at - as if there is something not right. A Kindle seems to be the way forward. This is the same for anything you buy these days: the digital world rules.
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07/08/2013 04:08:52 WIB
Elrood the Elf @Elrood_the_Elf

@pixelcoloured a cool little elf. I've never been photographed so imagine me how you will. I make traditional wooden toys - trains, blocks..

03/08/2013 03:08:37 WIB
kailing @beheaver

The worse thing that could happen to a person is accidentally stepping on lego bricks

07/08/2013 21:12:28 WIB
Liz @littleliz85

@JulianClary Loving your autobiography. Same kinds of childhood toys as mine. I wanted brothers' Meccano but got nurses' outfits!

07/08/2013 16:13:15 WIB
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05/08/2013 16:54:38 WIB

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07/08/2013 20:43:29 WIB

A few years back children wanted to play with basic but nevertheless expensive toys.

These were the years of Lego and Meccano.

Building items, objects and sometimes it even involved an entire village with miniature railtracks, shops and street lights.

There were also electric train sets, usually installed in the attic on a huge platform which could be moved away.

All this has completely changed. Nowadays, everything has to be digital from the early age. iPads (or tablets) are becoming the must have interactive and apparently educational purchase - certainly due to the fact of the touchscreen technology and intuitive aspect of the menu.

What actually happened to the so called "quality traditional toys and gifts" from our childhood? Wooden trains, die-cast vehicles or all board games which made our afternoons and evenings enjoyable?!

Smartphones are also replacing point-and-shoot compact cameras. The products have to be able to complete all tasks and even edit the photographs directly on screen (i.e. Instagram) to be then shared on social media outlets. Is this not excessive or dangerous for the photographic industry?
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