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#Libya : Compilation of news from contacts in Yefren, #Nafousa Mts today

News of recent Grad rocket attacks on parts of Yefren, eastern Nafousa Mts (Adrar n Infusen) in NW Libya. Situation in Kikla unclear.
Brunnan de Coucy @Tribulusterr

@ScepticMatt don't know if this any use-map of gen layout of Adrar n Infusen/Nafousa Mts w Az #Zintan, Yefren, etc

07/04/2011 09:34:43 WIB
Ghazi Gheblawi @Gheblawi

Revolutionaries say #Nato not protecting civilians in #Misurata and #Nafousa, and it made mistakes targeting free fighters #Libya

07/04/2011 21:17:24 WIB
ⵎ_ⵎⴰⴷⵉ @M__Madi

@alhurranews @LibyanTNC Happening now in Yefren: heavy shelling towards villages and residences. @NATO your role to protect civilians??”

08/04/2011 02:10:52 WIB
Brunnan de Coucy @Tribulusterr

Contact in Yefren: quiet today until 40 mins ago-2 Grad rockets fired into town,app'y no casualties; Nafousa Mts #Libya

08/04/2011 02:24:31 WIB
Brunnan de Coucy @Tribulusterr

Contact in Yefren: 3-4 houses badly damaged by Grad rockets in Al Qal'ah at begin of week,5 casualties,app'y civilians.Nafousa Mts #Libya

08/04/2011 02:26:47 WIB
Brunnan de Coucy @Tribulusterr

Contact in Yefren: they hear Gaddafi troops are in Kikla, though not clear if they control town. Nafousa Mts #Libya

08/04/2011 02:27:42 WIB
Brunnan de Coucy @Tribulusterr

@doood54 @ShababLibya for what's worth: Yefren contact had heard nothing like this: #Zintan was quiet y'day - drove through; seems unlikely

08/04/2011 02:29:57 WIB
Brunnan de Coucy @Tribulusterr

Contact in Yefren this evening: electricity has recently been cut off in the city-cause unclear. Nafousa Mts #Libya

08/04/2011 02:31:15 WIB
Brunnan de Coucy @Tribulusterr

More details fr Yefren contacts:Grad rockets this evening hit villages of Taqerbost, Sheqarna & El Bkhabkha in Yefren area Nafusa Mts #Libya

08/04/2011 03:01:56 WIB


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