Twitter Remembers Erica Kennedy (@ericajk) in Shock of Her Passing and in Awe of Her Brilliance

Erica J. Kennedy was an amazing, feminist writer who wrote the book, "Bling" and "Feminista." She appeared on Twitter, initially, as @Feminista09 and then moved to @ericajk As you will see in the last 150 pages of her Twitterfeed, she was smart, witty, funny, incisive, ratchet, fun and brilliant. She tweeted with alot of people and we will all mourn her loss. Read More
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Carmen Rodgers @CarmenRodgers
It's really hard to believe. RT @IngaNandiwillis: very saddened to hear about erica kennedy.
Ivory @Ivorella
I asked someone this week what books to read this summer & they said Feminista. So eerie! RIP Erica Kennedy. These tweets are so sad.
i.Mogul @IngaNandiwillis
very saddened to hear about erica kennedy.
Y•S•A•N•N•E @YsanneBueno
RT @gypsygirlbliss: Soar in transcendent peace beautiful, brilliant @ericajk (Erica Kennedy)!! Your light is luminous and is shining throughout the galaxy!!
RESIST @arcadiaqueen
@TheRoot247: Author Erica Kennedy Dead, Reports Say” OH NO 😥
Bassey Ikpi @Basseyworld
RT @victordlamini: @BasseyworldLive I feel you Bassey. Without EK, you & I would never have known each. She was the epitome of awesome (yes)
Bassey Ikpi @Basseyworld
I will tattoo Erica's "why the fuck not" to the inside of my brain and I will. I just fucking will. Whatever that means or applies to.
Victor Dlamini @victordlamini
@BasseyworldLive I feel you Bassey. Without EK, you & I would never have known each. She was the epitome of awesome
Bassey Ikpi @Basseyworld
I am proud of all the amazing women and people to whom she connected me. I will honor and promote and cultivate those relationships.
Jayson P. Smith @_jaysonpsmith
@writeli sending all of my love to the two of you. your lights are shining just as bright as hers did. @basseyworldlive
Me, Myself, and I @TB_BT
Twitter has introduced me to many great things. Although I didn't follow Erica Kennedy, by all accts, I wish I had. Thank you all 4 sharing
Arlene A Gibbs @ArleneAGibbs
RT @jenniferweiner: I am so, so sorry to hear about Erica Kennedy's death. Author of FEMINISTA and BLING. Such a loss.
Bassey Ikpi @Basseyworld
I thought of Erica and all she did and all she encouraged and facilitated. I'm honored to have been in her scope and favor.
Briony Kidd @BrionyKidd
I will miss Erica Kennedy's warm & intelligent presence on Twitter. #RIP
Bassey Ikpi @Basseyworld
I thought about all the things and people i loved. All the things I wanted yet to accomplish.
Dei @RHOyalDei22
whew. heart is heavy now, reading the many tweets of those who knew Erica Kennedy. Prayers to her family and friends
Bassey Ikpi @Basseyworld
My sister came home because she's awesome. I broke my raw food diet and drank white wine and ate waffles.
I Am Your People @IAmYourPeople
I'm horrified to learn about the death of @ericajk #RIP Erica Kennedy
Mona @MonaMade
very sad... rt @furthermucker rest in peace erica kennedy. devastating.
Heather & Jessica @fuggirls
Terrible news. Erica was wonderful. So sad. Love to her family - J@LizaPalmer: Absolutely crushed to hear of the loss of Erica Kennedy
Ora Wiseman, Ora-tor @OWise
RT @drgoddess: Twitter Remembers Erica J. Kennedy (@ericajk): <-- I archived her tweets. She had fun w/SO many Tweeters.
Nichelle @Anovelista
Erica Kennedy. Interesting & Interested. Supportive. Candid. Kind. Fair. Hilarious. Prolific. Brilliant. Humble. I'll miss you, girl. RIP
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