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#snakeonthetown is now #snakeinthezoo

The Bronx Zoo may have recaptured its most famous Twittering Parseltongue, but that hasn't stopped @BronxZoosCobra and pals from continuing their adventures. Compiled below is the hilarious saga of @BronxZoosCobra's time back in captivity, including her hijacking of @RyanSeacrest, unlikely romance with @BronxZooWarden, continued pursuit from @BronxZooHBadger, and much more. For a complete compilation of Tweets from @BronxZooCobra and pals from escape through capture, enjoy this page: http://chirpstory.com/li/1008 Read More
Day One: no cage can hold this snake!
Bronx Zoo's Cobra @BronxZoosCobra
Just regurgitated my iPhone. Oh, it's ssso on now. You'll never guess what's coming. #freethebronxzooscobra
Bronx Zoo Dissidents @ZooRevolt
You can put the snake back into the zoo, but you can't put the zoo back into the snake. #emptycages #zoostrikesback #snakeonthetown
Baby Bronx Cobra @BabyBronxCobra
@ZooRevolt Right on! Power to the people... I mean power to the animals... I mean... you know what I mean. #bronxzoo

Even behind bars, enemies abound:

Bronx Zoo Warden @bronxzoowarden
Its 5am EST & #snakeonthetown appears to have sleep apnea or maybe just venom in throat #snakeincaptivity
The Honey Badger @BronxZooHBadger
Q: How much honey could a honey badger badger if a honey badger could badger honey? A: DON'T CARE. #freethebronxzooscobra #badgeronthehunt
Zach Gaskins @bigheadzach
@BronxZooHBadger Newts are amphibians, not reptiles. But you probably don't give a shit, do you? :P
The Honey Badger @BronxZooHBadger
Both are slimy. RT @bigheadzach @BronxZooHBadger Newts are amphibians, not reptiles. But you probably don't give a shit, do you? :P
Randall @Randallsanimals
@writeteen =That is so sweet! Thank U very much! Cobras + Honey Badgers don't have nice reputations so yeah, I'm trying to better their rep!
The Honey Badger @BronxZooHBadger
@randallsanimals Thanks, Randall, but I'm not looking for fame; I'm looking for game. See you in the wild!

The newly unemployed plot their next moves...

Bronx Mongoose @BronxMongoose
Now that nyc is cobra-free, I'm footloose and fancy free :) figuring out what to do...
Bronx Mongoose @BronxMongoose
Maybe I'll join match.com...at the end of the day, I'm just a MonGoose looking for her MonGander...
Rikki Tikki Tavi @RikiTikki_Tavi
Just ordered a bagel with an over easy cobra egg at the Carnegie Deli. What no cobra eggs?
RonUSMC @RonUSMCwastaken
our 24 hour security scuba divers protecting Jose the Beaver are in full swing http://nyti.ms/gbPmd8 #snakeonthetown
RonUSMC @RonUSMCwastaken
Rumors that a family of Cobras are planning a jailbreak are unfounded. #snakeonthetown
Bronx Zoo Warden @bronxzoowarden
Another day @ Bronx Zoo. Had to evict several papparazi stalking #snakeincaptivity hiding out in hall bathroom #snakeonthetown
The Honey Badger @BronxZooHBadger
Oh My Badger: @UWMadison reconnected me with my cousin @buckybadger! That's so swee--HONEY BADGER DON'T CARE. #badgeronthehunt #OMB

Identity Crisis:

Ryan Seacrest @RyanSeacrest
Seacrest out! @BronxZoosCobra in! I’m hijacking Ryan’s Twitter & fixed his website. It didn’t kick enough s. http://bit.ly/Sssseacrest
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Chirpinator @chirpinator 04/04/2011 17:40:43 WIB
I'll gladly add more players if I've forgotten someone ;) #snakeinthezoo
Chirpinator @chirpinator 05/04/2011 13:52:46 WIB
Also features the latest Tweets from @BronxZoosCobra, @BronxHBadger, @ZooRevolt and the rest of the gang.
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Updated with Tweets from day five of @BronxZoosCobra's incarceration!
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Updated with April 6 Tweets from @BronxZoosCobra, @BronxZooHBadger, and the rest of the gang!
Chirpinator @chirpinator 08/04/2011 14:23:17 WIB
@BronxZoosCobra is now dubbed Mia. I updated the saga to reflect her reactions!
Chirpinator @chirpinator 08/04/2011 18:19:24 WIB
Highlighted all of @BronxZoosCobra's Tweets in red. Enjoy reliving the adventure!
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