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Zombie Daisuki has too cute Zombies

bolo de morango @leohamasaki

Se os zumbis de The Walking Dead fossem assim: , eu assistiria! xD

10/12/2010 20:04:40 WIB
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JKpop & JKdorama @JKpop_JKdorama

RT @hello_online: Smileage new CM for the Nintendo DS game "Zombie Daisuki" is up

10/12/2010 21:47:00 WIB
Meat Bun @MeatBun

The Walking Love Zombies. Japanese Zombie Daisuki commercial with idol group, Smileage.

11/12/2010 03:59:21 WIB
ᐯIᑎᕼᑎYᑌ @vinhnyu

Chunsoft's CM for Love Zombie on NDS. Lovely! (*´ο`*)=3

11/12/2010 17:57:28 WIB
Gabriel - Batcaverna 🎃 @gabrielbatcave

Agora, esse é um comercial legal e criativo para um jogo do DS:

12/12/2010 01:18:26 WIB


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