The Avanti Group Architectural Designers Warning

Source: A Changsha developer dazzled the world when it built a 30-storey hotel within 15 days. Now as it aims to construct the world's tallest building in a mere nine months, experts are raising questions about safety and wondering whether the project is part of a technological revolution or a public relations campaign. Read More
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31/07/2013 03:11:04 WIB
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#OhMySmurf! #Smurfs2 hits theaters tomorrow. Get your tickets now!

31/07/2013 01:54:40 WIB
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Photo 101 continues with the elements of composition: use leading lines & the rule of thirds to frame a perfect shot:

31/07/2013 00:42:31 WIB
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Get your camera out for this week's Writing Challenge - we want video. (There are options for non-filmmakers, too!)

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Publish, Promote, Repeat: Dashboard Tools to Share Your Stuff with the World

30/07/2013 01:18:48 WIB
Rob Knox @robknox_

I can't even really put into words, how much fun I had yesterday.

30/07/2013 00:25:29 WIB
Justin Timberlake @jtimberlake

@A_Corona10: Won 10-0 and scored twice then won the final💕⚽ now off to see @jtimberlake JayZ!!! Congrats! Lets celebrate at The Rose Bowl.

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Good day, #BlogHer13! Friendly #WordPress pros are standing by at Expo booth 2614 to answer your questions. Drop by and say hello!

27/07/2013 22:30:29 WIB
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YO I REALLY think the #BAY Area bouta TURN UP 4 #LegendsOfTheSummer TOUR SHOW 2nite! Im hype to hit the stage.Dont let me down SanFran! #BBE

27/07/2013 04:50:37 WIB
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Patchers across the country #Give5 by lending a helping hand in their towns! See how:

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