Signal GO Conference

Tweets about LTG Sorenson and Mike Krieger's remarks at the U.S. Army Signal General Officers Conference on March 31, 2011
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ArmyCIOG6 @ArmyCIOG6 31/03/2011 20:09:07 WIB
LTG Lawrence has taken the podium at #SigGOConf and is laying out her view after a few weeks as #ArmyCIOG6
ArmyCIOG6 @ArmyCIOG6 31/03/2011 20:09:57 WIB
Lawrence: BLUF - It is all about the Soldier on point fof our nation.
ArmyCIOG6 @ArmyCIOG6 31/03/2011 20:10:54 WIB
We are no longer using the term "GNEC" because it is not a construct anymore. #SigGOConf
ArmyCIOG6 @ArmyCIOG6 31/03/2011 20:12:09 WIB
Key task is is communicationg what the Army's network really is. #SigGOConf
ArmyCIOG6 @ArmyCIOG6 31/03/2011 20:14:11 WIB
Here are the challenge: Current Ops and BRAC make us an Army on the move. We have to operate the net regardless #SigGOConf
ArmyCIOG6 @ArmyCIOG6 31/03/2011 20:14:38 WIB
We’re moving to CONUS based EXPEDITIONARY force. “versatile mix of tailorable and networked organizations #SigGOConf
ArmyCIOG6 @ArmyCIOG6 31/03/2011 20:15:20 WIB
We Can’t Afford to Have Everyone Stand up Their Own Network –#SigGOConf
ArmyCIOG6 @ArmyCIOG6 31/03/2011 20:15:41 WIB
OLD THINK – duplicating efforts, stove piped IT enclaves, non-standard network tools, individual software licenses #SigGOConf
ArmyCIOG6 @ArmyCIOG6 31/03/2011 20:18:22 WIB
NEW THINK–Operationalize LandWarNet, joint, interagency environment–incremental approach to mod, warfighter focus #SigGOConf
ArmyCIOG6 @ArmyCIOG6 31/03/2011 20:19:32 WIB
We're tweeting from Signal General Officer / SES conference #ArmyCIO LTG Lawrence is discussing her strategy
ArmyCIOG6 @ArmyCIOG6 31/03/2011 20:21:43 WIB
We're pursuing an incremental approac to modernization with "capability sets" -buy less more often for efficiency#SigGOConf
ArmyCIOG6 @ArmyCIOG6 31/03/2011 20:22:12 WIB
We need to dramatically improve network defense #SigGOConf
ArmyCIOG6 @ArmyCIOG6 31/03/2011 20:23:06 WIB
More than Savings- ^Security/^Network Agility/Rapid IT Modernization/Reduced Risk/Improved Collaboration & Situational Awareness
ArmyCIOG6 @ArmyCIOG6 31/03/2011 20:23:31 WIB
One of the Biggest Difficulties is Changing Our Collective Behaviors, Perceptions, and Attitudes or Said Another Way…Our Culture.
ArmyCIOG6 @ArmyCIOG6 31/03/2011 20:31:12 WIB
The Army's Centerpiece for integrated network evaluations will be the Brigade Modernization Command at #fortbliss tx
ArmyCIOG6 @ArmyCIOG6 31/03/2011 20:33:21 WIB
Partnership with industry is key to building to our gaps, testing and integrating into the network #SigGOConf
ArmyCIOG6 @ArmyCIOG6 31/03/2011 20:35:17 WIB
Take aways- Army Getting After Needed Efficiencies, While Ensuring We Maintain Warfighting Effectiveness
ArmyCIOG6 @ArmyCIOG6 31/03/2011 20:35:37 WIB
Procuring Systems & Applications that are Decoupled from Data, are Interoperable, and Make Efficient use of Scarce Network Resources
ArmyCIOG6 @ArmyCIOG6 31/03/2011 20:36:13 WIB
We are Synchronizing Network Integration Efforts #SigGOConf
ArmyCIOG6 @ArmyCIOG6 31/03/2011 20:36:44 WIB
Establishing Real‐Time Systems Engineering & Testing for Operational Network –Both in Lab Environment & with the AETF
ArmyCIOG6 @ArmyCIOG6 31/03/2011 20:37:04 WIB
Conducting Industry Demonstrations Using AETF to Enhance Rapid IT Modernization & Technology Insertion
ArmyCIOG6 @ArmyCIOG6 31/03/2011 20:37:48 WIB
Shortening Cycle Time of the Army’s IT Requirements & Acquisition Processes #SigGOConf
ArmyCIOG6 @ArmyCIOG6 31/03/2011 20:39:09 WIB
Lawrence has yielded time to SGM McCrary, the #CIOG6 Senior Enlisted Advisor
ArmyCIOG6 @ArmyCIOG6 31/03/2011 20:40:06 WIB
McCrary - Setting the conditions to achieve success 1st. get message to the troops - enterprise approach, rapid IT insertion
ArmyCIOG6 @ArmyCIOG6 31/03/2011 20:41:36 WIB
McCrary-We have to solvie the training/certification challenge - Signal/IT Soldiers should not be certified simultaneously with BCTs
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