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#Openleaks is be launching by the rest of #Wikileaks menbers

Karlina @karlinalee

The new site, #Openleaks, will launch on Monday.Like WikiLeaks, it will allow whistleblowers to leak information to the public anonymously.

10/12/2010 14:43:08 WIB
Frida Scar @hallminkaeft

om ni frågar mig verkar ju det här #openleaks vara en riktigt bra grej.

10/12/2010 14:58:32 WIB
Giles Cross @GilesCross

#OpenLeaks is the new #wikileaks So is this the first of many, and if so, how many?! #SpinOff #Assange

10/12/2010 15:07:54 WIB
jm vormwind @vormwind

#wikileaks Alternative #openleaks in der Entwicklung u. a. durch Daniel Domscheit-Berg:

10/12/2010 15:14:22 WIB
Sven Englund (应斯文) @svenenglund

Får väl säga att jag tycker att #openleaks koncept är lite stabilare än #Wikileaks.

10/12/2010 15:18:45 WIB

А тем временем бывший сотрудник WikiLeaks создает свой проект. Имя ему #OpenLeaks.

10/12/2010 15:32:50 WIB
Alexey Zagaichuk @zagaichuk

BREAKING NEWS! WikiLeaks is going to release Santa's list of good and bad children! #wikileaks #openleaks #santa #Assange

10/12/2010 15:36:36 WIB
nottinhill @nottinhill

Daniel Domscheit-Berg says #OPENLEAKS goes online in 1 week to german newspaper. #wikileaks #IAMSPARTACUS #IAMJULIAN

10/12/2010 15:37:53 WIB
Sumit Shrestha @sumitshresth

new wistleblower site to be announced soon by former wikileaks employees #wikileaks #Openleaks

10/12/2010 15:54:43 WIB
Steffen Kraft @skraftberlin

Ex-Wikileaks-Sprecher Daniel Domscheit-Berg erklärt im @derfreitag-Interview seine Alternativ-Plattform #Openleaks:

10/12/2010 15:54:50 WIB
Glyn Moody @glynmoody

Ex-WikiLeaker Explains His Spinoff Group, OpenLeaks - sounds rather interesting #wikileaks #openleaks

10/12/2010 16:12:28 WIB
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