Roast Friday

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Jimmy Bingles @Horsecoqisfunny
@Nimrod_Nation A big thanks for the #RoastFriday ... My astrologer told me to buy a shitload of lottery tickets on May 22 ...
$LifesUgly @_LUMP
#RoastFriday Is the most fun you can have on twitter w/your clothes on,if your wearing any. Every Friday; midnight to midnight. @DreDaJoker
ISeeSickPeople @oneICURN
RT @matttuff: Last night I dreamt I was married to @oneICURN , our lives were amazing together, oh wait, never mind it was Natalie Portman #RoastFriday
Lucid Dragon 🐉 @Lucid_Dragon
Booty oil rub tweet from a "Plus Plus Size" on #RoastFriday = A huge Open invitation <~ No pun intended, *wink*
jonathan @senderblock23
RT @EmpPalp: Thanks for letting us know you got a Tweet of the Day @MrBrown_Eye - it's such a rare occurrence for you. #RoastFriday
Rnee Erne Nree @RneeErneNree
On #roastfriday I'd like to unabashedly despise us men since @PyrBliss,hottest woman on twitter keeps joking about sexual frustration.We suk
Arely Anelly @Anelly04
That time @hannahsatana roasted me in hell and served me to his family for Thanksgiving dinner! #RoastFriday
sammy starfish @FancyCookinMofo
I guess that was more of a, uh... what the kids call a #RoastFriday.
Wendina M. Ubaghs @girlweena
Does @Hormonella know about the shark... and that pants are a viable clothing option for a ferry ride... and that other stuff? #roastfriday
✖nevery✖ @nevery
my bartender thinks i'm cheating on her everytime i mention @TheHoyBoy. #roastfriday
That guy with the face @Braddecision
@ixSEANxi is really fucking funny. You should follow even if he does look a bit like Donkey Lips. #roastfriday
✖nevery✖ @nevery
i think @theUnsayable's sister is a stuffed animal i used to get freaky with when i was a kid. (...and last week) #roastfriday
✖nevery✖ @nevery
.@UNTRESOR's avi is before the gender reassignment surgery, but after i pimp slapped her for talking back. #roastfriday
Snarfle Uptygrats @hab1ff
Follow this girl - youll only regret it a little bit RT @CtotheASS: Holy shit, #FF and #RoastFriday now? Somebody slit my wrists please.
Wendina M. Ubaghs @girlweena
@theblevetwo just broke up with favstar, crushing the dreams of 95 women, four men and a bot he forgot to unfollow. #roastfriday
Lawrence @BlindLawrence
@DSCNECTD I'm not saying you're ugly, but Helen Keller turned you down. #RoastFriday #BubbaArmy
Wendina M. Ubaghs @girlweena
I'm in love with @FilthyRichmond, which probably breaks a few dozen laws in her state but I'm willing to take that chance. #roastfriday
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Chirpinator @chirpinator 31/03/2011 15:44:34 WIB
Looking forward to see what you add! This is quite fun.
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