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Mike Hartline Arrested

The Twitterverse reacts to quarterback Mike Hartline's arrest for DUI.

WYMT Sports: Quarterback Mike Hartline arrested

10/12/2010 18:37:33 WIB
Dr Strife (Adam T) @thedrstrife

UK quarterback mike hartline arrested for disorderly conduct and being a drunk, college kid can't handle booze, Touchdown!

10/12/2010 17:28:42 WIB
🐾🥾🏕️xyzealous🏕️🥾🐾 @xyzealous

Mike hartline was arrested for disorderly conduct and I think he was drinking. He's behind bars.

10/12/2010 17:35:19 WIB
Paul @maddendude18

Mike hartline how you get arrested month before your senior year bowl game

10/12/2010 18:02:42 WIB
Paul Maddox @PaulSaysGoHard

Wake up to find out about Mike Hartline got an AI...ouch

10/12/2010 18:05:04 WIB

Just ran after Mark Hartline as he bolted from Fayette County jail doors to a Wildcat cab. How did he respond to the charges? 6:30!!!!!!

10/12/2010 18:13:21 WIB
Billy Crutcher @BillyCrutcher

Mike Hartline, I have been hard on you forever. You can't complete a pass over 5 yards. And now you can't drink more than 5 beers. Classy!

10/12/2010 18:38:13 WIB
Billy Crutcher @BillyCrutcher

Hartline was arrested last night. Joker, you gotta make an example out of this.

10/12/2010 18:39:15 WIB
Tammy Carter @CardsLLUp

Being a college student???? “@jbuss8: Mike Hartline arrested for disorderly conduct & public intoxication (being a collage student)”

10/12/2010 18:43:53 WIB
TJ Beisner @tjbeisner

I took a creepy cab to the airport at 2:30 am. Mike Hartline took a cruiser to jail. Show-off.

10/12/2010 18:45:33 WIB
Joel Adwell @jcdidwell

Hartline arressted this morning for disorderly conduct and P.I. That is one audbile i could not have called...Idiot.

10/12/2010 18:45:45 WIB
Shannon Blosser @ShannonBlosser

Today, I'm thinking of comments regarding Hartline's arrest. First reaction, "We're going to lose the bowl," or "Maybe we'll play better."

10/12/2010 18:48:57 WIB
Christopher Johns @AChrisJohns

Hartline got the disorderly w/ his A.I. because, before every shot, he looked to the end of the bar to make sure it was ok for him to slug.

10/12/2010 18:50:03 WIB

It's too bad Hartline didn't respond to charges. We're still waiting to hear more from police.

10/12/2010 18:50:45 WIB

Hartline was just released with 18 News chasing him to the taxi. Bad news.

10/12/2010 18:54:29 WIB
Tom Baker @tombakerguitar

So the QB was arrested for being blitzed? *rimshot* // Hartline arrested

10/12/2010 18:56:08 WIB
Its Ya Boy @BigBoiStatus1

UK Quarterback Mike Hartline Arrested Lol that's funny

10/12/2010 18:56:54 WIB
Chris @chris1link

UK didn't even send someone to pick Hartline up when he left jail. He had to take a cab. @Mengus22

10/12/2010 18:55:52 WIB

Mike Hartline got arrested last night... Awesome.

10/12/2010 18:51:57 WIB


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