[ROUNDUP] David Cook related tweets, photos/video, etc. re 25-Jul private event at Hakkasan (Las Vegas)

David Cook special performance (acoustic set) at Hakkasan (Las Vegas) 25-Jul, accompanied by Nick Adams and Andy Skib
David Cook reportedly performed a 7-song acoustic set at a Hakkasan (Las Vegas) private event 25-Jul, accompanied by Nick Adams and Andy Skib
demi @demi_mariah_
My moms at a party w David cook & she sent me this picture http://t.co/XHPjillMOw
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Andy Skib @andyskib
Hashtag Club Bedrock, Hashtag Club Tyrannosaurus Rox http://t.co/UroKIMxYPL
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Nick Adams @nickadamsdrums
@andyskib not making any promises Skib, but im guessing that perhaps it might just happen...maybe
Andy Skib @andyskib
Heading to Vegas tomorrow morning. Maybe @nickadamsdrums will drive up? Maybe we'll play music together again. Maybe.


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