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New Farsical Rules

A quick conversation between a few SLPs...
Jeremy @azspeechguy

Anything happening today in the #slpeeps universe?

11/06/2012 05:27:25 WIB
마 야 Maya @SpeechTherapist

@azspeechguy Good morning! Yes! We've had some amazing conversations all morning! You missed it all! ;)

11/06/2012 05:28:37 WIB
마 야 Maya @SpeechTherapist

@azspeechguy Topics: name for Mary's new blog, chocolates, suggestions for twitter, phono awareness & summer activities.

11/06/2012 05:31:19 WIB
Jeremy @azspeechguy

@mtmarySLP @SpeechTherapist ok new rule under #slpeeps guidlines Article 7 Section a I shall be included in all #slpeeps conversations lol

11/06/2012 05:37:48 WIB
Mary @MTMarySLP

@azspeechguy @SpeechTherapist COULD go back in the timeline and include yourself, but it was pretty chatty... #slpeeps #slpeeps

11/06/2012 05:38:57 WIB
Mary @MTMarySLP

@azspeechguy @SpeechTherapist Please be aware that Article 6 Section 4 says you must be online 24/7

11/06/2012 05:39:56 WIB
Jeremy @azspeechguy

@mtmarySLP @SpeechTherapist hmmm this is troublesome lol , my phone is online 24/7 we shall check Appendix 3 to see if thats allowed

11/06/2012 05:41:49 WIB
Mary @MTMarySLP

@azspeechguy @SpeechTherapist I'll let you explore that area... :) Section 2 prohibits me from doing so.

11/06/2012 05:43:37 WIB
마 야 Maya @SpeechTherapist

@mtmarySLP @azspeechguy Yes. Thank you for bringing that up! :) We don't really have a quorum today but convos r flying!

11/06/2012 05:48:07 WIB
마 야 Maya @SpeechTherapist

@mtmarySLP @azspeechguy Will someone pls make a chirpstory of this thread? I don't think I can remember all @SLPTanya

11/06/2012 05:49:42 WIB
마 야 Maya @SpeechTherapist

@SLPTanya @mtmarySLP @azspeechguy I don't know how to. Wah wah! Yes the new rules, articles & sections & all that.

11/06/2012 06:02:01 WIB


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