Privacy Policy


Togetter Inc. (hereafter referred to as "the Company") stipulates the following conditions for all users as well as the use of Chirpstory (hereafter referred to as “the Service”).

  1. When deemed necessary, in order to protect users’ property rights, or services sustainability, or to protect another party's from physical injury or property damage, Togetter Inc. may disclose or give provision upon user’s content to a (the) court, criminal investigator, or other public institution to the extent deemed necessary to afford such protection.
  2. Other than matters described in the following Privacy Policy, the Company shall not disclose user’s information to a third party without the consent of the User.
  3. The Company may restrict functionality of a user, review and delete or modify posts created by users without prior notification, partially or as a whole, when it has been determined that any of following have occurred in conjunction of the User's use of the Service:
    • - Acts aimed at obtaining personal information, such as another person's address, name, email address, or telephone number
    • - Acts aimed at sharing information that is false, defamatory, discriminatory, or intended to mislead another person, to cause harm, chaos, or hatred, as well information related to pornography, promotion of gambling and prostitution activities, and copyright violation.
  4. Users who find any violation to the Term of Use described herein as well as users who find any decision by the Administer unacceptable can report to the Service Administer through the Contact Form.
  5. Togetter Inc. does not replicate the data stored on the Services' servers, including Users' curated and compiled Twitter posts, as a precaution against loss or damage. Togetter Inc. will not restore data that is stored in the servers that is lost or damaged for any reason.

The Company is doing all possible measures to protect personal information obtained from users, will comply with laws and regulations and other norms as well as enforce careful handling on personal information to the extent as explained below.

The extent to which personal information will be used by the Service.

User’s personal information will be used by the Service for the following purposes.

  1. System management: to manage membership required for the use of the service.
  2. System operation: to improve the service’s usability and convenience.
  3. Delivery of announcement related to maintenance as well as other important contact, in addition to activities related to system maintenance.
  4. Inquiries and correspondence regarding the Service, Delivery of targeted advertising based on user’s behaviour in using the service, gender, as well as access history.
  5. Generation and utilisation of generalised statistical data without personal data scrutiny for internal use in the Service.
  6. Information sharing: collaboration with other service developed by the Company.
  7. Data analysis required for the development of new service.
  8. Cooperation, sponsorship within the range without disclosing specific personal information.

User’s personal information usage restrictions

Beyond the extent of the Service management and scopes described in the previous section, the Company shall not use user’s personal information without user’s prior consent. However, this does not apply in the cases set forth in the following.

  1. Under any situations demanded by the law.
  2. When user provides the Company with consent to use such personal information.
  3. Under the necessity of saving lives, preventing physical injury, property damage, in case consent from user is difficult to obtain.
  4. Under the necessity of promoting public health, children welfare, especially when required, in case consent from user is difficult to obtain.
  5. Under the necessity of cooperating with national government, local government, as well as persons or organisations who are entitled to do such work for law inforcement purposes, in case consent from user is difficult to obtain.
  6. When it is deemed necessary that the Company uses user’s personal information to make any judgement in relation to any charge or claim in accordance with damage borne by telecommunication service provider.
  7. When deposition of user’s personal information to the third party within the range as described in the previous section is necessary, but this deposition will only provide the third party with the lowest bound of information and the Company shall carry out maximum personal information management.

Changes in the use of personal information

With respect to the use of personal information by the Company, whenever a change takes place, the Company will notify the relevant user and make official announcements.

Management of user’s personal information

  1. For the purpose of business operation of the Service, only those who have been granted with the authority will handle user’s personal information.
  2. For the purpose of providing safety guarantee to all users, the Company conducts appropriate supervision to all staff members dealing with user’s personal information management.

Modification, deletion of personal information

If there is request for modification, deletion of personal information from the user him/her selves as well as their representatives, in accordance with standard business operation, reasonably acceptable period of investigation will take place, then modification, deletion shall be done.

Cookie, Access Log

For improvement of the Service, the Company may use the saved cookie and statistics related to it for the purpose of analysis. Furthermore, using such techniques like cookie and javascript, the Company may observe user’s behaviour and access history. However, no personal information will be disclosed.


Any inquiry related to this stipulation should be addressed to the Company through the Contact form.

Tokyo, 7 January 2011.