Supporters of President Obama Out-Class the Competition in Sunday’s Twitter War

A fairly-slow news day brought out the political snarky on Twitter this Sunday as parallel themes trended over the long holiday weekend: #DescribeObamaInThreeWords vs. #DescribeRomneyInThreeWords. Clearly initiated by operatives of Republi Read More
can presidential candidate Mitt Romney, the hashtag #DescribeObamaInThreeWords started out with comments ranging from condescending, to mundane, to absurd before gravitating into more civil commentary as supporters of President Barack Obama got wind of the trend. Meanwhile, the President’s Twitter supporters initiated a counter-surging hashtag--#DescribeRomneyInThreeWords—that was equally colorful but resulted in decidedly more realistic and civil commentary. During the early hours as a trend started to develop, one lone Twitter poster named VCAV seemingly took on the whole Twitterverse in her effort to counteract racist remarks and set the record straight about President Obama.
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