latest international newport fashion group madrid news-Goodreads Last night in NYC, Ariana Rockefeller and Anna Chumsky stepped out for the 2013 New York City Opera Spring Gala, Solange and Cam'ron got on the mic for the Boiler Room's DO NOT DISTURB blowout par Read More
ty, The Pratt Institute honored Thom Brown with this year's Fashion Visionary Award, and so much more! Where: New York City Center Who was there: Guest included Ariana Rockefeller, Anna Chumsky, Missy Brody, Salman Rushdie, Andy Spade, Kate Spade, Philippe Talbot, Marie Lenormand, Carin Gilfry, Geoffrey Zakarian, Eric Daman, George Steel, Genevieve Morton, Mina Cvetkovic, Ginta Lapina, Malu Custer Edwards, Tony Custer,, Daisy Soros, Chrissy Correa, Stephanie Newhouse, Dawne Marie Grannum, Marissa Mira, Aleksandra Cvetkovic, Ames Brown, Jean Shafiroff, Nicholas Luchsinger, Prosper Assouline, Martine Assouline, Ginta Lapina, Charles Wall, Annita Wong, Caren Brooks, John Hardgraves, Nancy Newcomb, Philippe Talbot, Sandra Davis, Coke Ann Wilcox, Jarvis Wilcox, and Austin Scarlett. Where: W Times Square Who was there: Guests included Solange Knowles, MikeQ, Cam'ron, Tamoha Downs, Heron Preston, Ruth Gruca, Chelsea Leyland, Ben Pundole, ASAP DJ, Ryan Hemsworth, Brenmar, Hanne Gaby, Ian Isiah, Kenny DOpe, Stephanie Covell, DJ Kitty Cash, Kilo Kish, Harry Beee, Amelia Muqbel, Michelle Salem, Ruth Gruca, Pete Rock, Louise Chen, and Yara Flinn. Other details: W Hotels of New York in collaboration with UK based underground music site Boiler Room present, Do Not Disturb, an innovative series of unique live online music broadcasts from each hotel's E-WOW suite. The third and final event in the series which kicked off in London and continued in Paris took place in the newly renovated W Times Square EWOW Suite. A select crowd gathered on the 57th floor of the hotel, overlooking Times Square. The night opened with of-the-moment producer Ryan Hemsworth doing a back-to-back set with A$AP Mob DJ J. Scott. Hip-hop legend Pete Rock was up next, before Mike Q and Brenmar did a back-to-back DJ set. During their set, pillows were being tossed around and it quickly turned into a frenzied pillow fight. As the crowd began to get antsy, Solange came out to do a DJ set and kicked things off with crowd-pleaser "Ignition" by R. Kelly. In keeping with the night's theme, she played a string of hip-hop and R&B songs. Finally, after much anticipation, headlining rapper Cam'ron got on the mic. The exuberant crowd rapped-along to the lyrics as he delivered a non-stop flurry of verses from his hit songs. Read/watch more info here:
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