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http://www.care2.com/c2c/groups/disc.html?gpp=66953&pst=1352376 Hybrid Wind and Solar Generator creates clean renewable energy. Entire surface is comprised of Solar Photovoltaic Cells, ideal for remote locations where portable power is required. • Ener-Tree i Read More
s a mobile Wind & Solar generator • Can generate electricity day or night • Requires 1/3 the space of a standard flat solar panel • Highly fault tolerant, mechanically robust and reliable • Less expensive to install and maintain than competition • Sleek design keeps electric components out of elements The Ener-Tree can be located on any type of surface with minimal anchoring requirements to allow it to be mobile and portable. The combination of wind and solar generation in a single controller will allow the units to be used in Grid Tied or Off Grid applications. There are a number of remote applications that require electricity: • Purification of contaminated water in third world countries • First on Site mobile response in disaster relief zones • Forward deployment of troops support or remote workers • Rural abodes away from the conventional power grid supply • Remote lighting, Advertising, Traffic Lights, Highway Lighting The Ener-Tree is the first product to be introduced, and the revenue generated from licensing and sales will be used to fund growth of the other technologies organically. Can be used singly, or grouped together to create "Eco Generating Forest" of Ener-Trees! Source: http://www.dynamicshi.com/enertree
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