A Conversation With Translators

#EPT #Interpreters and #Translators on Air: Date: Sunday, April 15 2012. With thanks to our guests: Valeria Aliperta (+Rainy London), London. Web site: http://www.rainylondontranslations.com/; and blog: http://rainylondontranslations.posterous.com/. Vero Riva (+Vero Riva), Buenos Aires: Web site: http://www.veronicariva.com/ Marta Read More
Stelmaszak (+Marta Stelmaszak), London. Web site: http://wantwords.co.uk/martastelmaszak/; and blog: http://wantwords.co.uk/martastelmaszak/blog-2/ Summary: Following introductions, discussion focused on how Valeria, Vero, and Marta developed their businesses, with interesting parallels for all. Their training, and the tools and resources each uses in their translation process, shows that imagination and hard work are required to succeed. This is a must-watch for anyone considering a career as a translator. Part 2 will air at some point in the future.
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