College Basketball - The Decision to Stay in School or Go Pro.

Chirpstory like most started innocently. Saw a tweet from @BIGSPORTSWRITER - "The only time I'll ever give a kid a hard time for leaving early, is when he could have improved his draft stock. And even then, bare Read More
ly." I followed with this tweet - "Re 1 & done @BIGSPORTSWRITER - think you're being shortsighted - not every kid is ready to enter a man's world,but U can't tell them that." Not going to provide anymore editorial comment. I'll let the highlighted tweets shape the story. Would like you to read @marcisenberg's recent story on the subject - "The Decision to Stay in School or Go Pro:" along with Marc's tweet on the subject: "I've written extensively on decision to go pro/stay...I've learned u can't paint w broad strokes. Each situation is unique." No truer statement has ever been written about the subject
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