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1st Day of Black History Month: President's Message & News of Don Cornelius' Death (UPDATED w/ Videos)

It was a day of celebration, outreach, and meditation as Feb. 1 began the official start of Black History Month. President Barack Obama sent out an official message from the White House acknowledgin Read More
g the annual celebration; he also reached out via YouTube to urge African American voters to share their voices and use their grassroots power by getting involved in the 2012 presidential, state, and local elections. Ironically, America lost a legend from the music industry on the first day of the Black History Month. Music fans were shocked by the news of the death of Don Cornelius, the iconic host of Soul Train which helped to launch the careers of many African America singers and musicians. Sadly, Cornelius was said to have taken his own life. Here's how Tweeters celebrated on the first day of Black History Month and how they responded to the news of Don Cornelius' death.
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