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Comedian/Radio Host Rickey Smiley Leads Charge Calling Out Jan Brewer for Disrespecting President

A photo released this week showing Republican Arizona Gov.Jan Brewer pointing her finger in the face of President Obama has ignited a war of words from Americans across the nation--particularly Afri Read More
can Americans. On Thursday, Black media personalities, news pundits, bloggers and others took to the airwaves and blogoshere and began speaking out and pushing back against what they see as an escalation of racist tactics by Republicans designed to demean and disrepect the first African American President of the United States. Comedian/Radio Host Rickey Smiley led the a visible push against Brewer on YouTube. After being questioned about 'disrepectful gesture' aimed at President Obama, Brewer told news media this week she felt “threatened” by the President who she said was ‘tense’ during their meeting and walked away from her in 'mid-sentence' when she met him on the airport tarmac after his arrival in Arizona this week. Meanwhile, President Obama and other officials who were present on the tarmac dispute Brewer's claim. TPM reports that two Arizona mayors who accompanied the President and Gov. Brewer say the President was very cordial at the airport. Viewers, particularly African Americans who saw the photo and later videos of the encounter, have become outraged over what the see yet another example of the lack of respect toward the nation’s first black president. Using Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and other social networks, they are making their voices heard and are calling on voters of all races to re-elect President Obama for another four years.
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