Tweeters Say 'Thumbs Up' for ‘Red Tails’Arrival; 'Thumbs Down' to Hollywood! (Updated w/ photos!!!)

Twitter is abuzz this week with a lot of online chatter in anticipation of this Friday’s premeire of George Lucas’ "Red Tails"--a movie about the courage and heroism of a unit of African Ame Read More
rican fighter pilots who in the face on their country’s own brand of racism helped to change the outcome of World War II. If anticipicipation alone could sell tickets, then filmmaker Lucas' movie could be on its way to becoming another Box Office hit. Ironically, the filmmaker genius who created the blockbuster “Stars Wars” was unable to convince Hollywood to financially back his movie--a film which featured an all-star cast of African American actors. Although “Red Tails” did not have the financial backing of the Hollywood big wigs, the movie got a moral boost last week from one its most famous patrons -- President Barack Obama. A movie and history buff himself, the President hosted a private White House screening on last Friday and invited members of the Tuskegee Airmen and the cast and crew of the movie. If good fortune continues to follow Lucas as it has with his past movies, the filmmaker giant stands to get a big return on his investment while Hollywood has yet to feel the brunt of its snub. Ironically, the State of Alabama, which has been battling its own image problems as of late, also stands get a big boost in tournism from the movie. The 1,000 or so African American pilots who made up the Army Corp officers were trained in Tuskegee, AL, a small rural predominantly African-American town still entrenched in poverty today. It is also the home of the well-known historically black Tuskegee University, founded by Booker T. Washington. After watching clips of “Red Tails” featured on TV promos and youtube trailers, Tweeters in anticipation of the movie got on their BlackBerrys, Iphones, and Ipads and tweeted their own freestyle critiques in advance of the movie’s opening. A sampling of their remarks on Twitter reveals a wide range of colorful commentary that took place across cyberspace this past Saturday night.
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