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Glenn Greenwald Jokes about President Obama Raping a Nun

After President Obama signed the NDAA, Glenn Greenwald took to Twitter to highlight the ACLU's response statement. Blogger Angry Black Lady took issue with Greenwald and Emptywheel's characterization Read More
of the law.

When a Greenwald fan interjected with a horrific statement suggesting that Angry Black Lady would defend the president if he raped a nun on TV, Greenwald joined in and amplified that disgusting and offensive imagery instead of ignoring it or rebuking it.

A wide range of Twitter users were outraged at the offensive tweets about the president raping a nun, but Greenwald dodged accepting any responsibility for participating in such vile conversation, and several of Greenwald's most ardent admirers doubled down and insisted the statements were perfectly acceptable, while attacking Angry Black Lady for not being able to take a joke. Repellent.

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