Egyptian Proverbs Hashtag #EgyptianProverbs

Today, August 31, 2011, the #EgyptianProverbs hashtag was born. Within hours it had a lot of proverbs translated from Arabic to English. Totally hilarious. They are funny to read in English because not all the tra Read More
nslations are correct or done well. That makes them really funny. And if you know the Arabic, you cannot get off the ground or get a deep breathe!! Certainly, Egyptians have a fantastic sense of humor and a wit that is very sharp. Some of the proverbs guide you in a good direction and others are really terrible. Nonetheless, it points to the exceptional resilience and levity of the Egyptian people, their influence and what influence them. I wish I had the time to write out the Arabic, its translation and its real meaning and the context its used. Time to take a deep breathe. Enjoy.
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