Glenn Greenwald vs. Dave von Ebers: Does Ron Paul's History of Racism Make His Other Stances Meaningless?

Salon blogger Glenn Greenwald and Chicago lawyer Dave von Ebers got into it after Greenwald highlighted how GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul's anti-surveillance state and pro-transparency positions Read More
further confuse the narrative the corporate media would like to maintain during the presidential election. Von Ebers (& others) pushed back with comments that reminded Greenwald of Paul's unsavory, non-progressive and possibly reactionary positions. He focused in on the fact that Paul has a history of racism. Greenwald reacted saying praising some of Paul's positions didn't necessarily constitute an endorsement. Greenwald also noted that he is one of the only candidates running against imperialism, the War on Drugs and crony capitalism. But, Von Ebers (& others) didn't like this and the discussion became one that focused on why Greenwald was supporting a racist. This conversation is indicative of the tension that will likely exist among disaffected progressives and Obama supporters. Paul has spoken favorably about the antiwar Left while that section of the electorate is virtually insignificant to President Obama. On the other hand, Paul is anti-immigrant, anti-abortion and, as people pointed out, he once sent around some emails that were racist. For what it's worth, the NAACP gave him a 39% rating for his mixed record on affirmative action in 2006.
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