A Chat with @JoanWalsh

This morning, Joan engaged in a conversation with Twitter user @stonermc, who is a big Rachel Maddow fan from Great Britain. If you've read my ABLC post "Greetings, Salon Readers!" http://bit.ly/jiKEk3 you know most of Read More
the background. One person who sent Maddow a tweet used some ugly sexual language about Rachel, and this so greatly offended @stonermc that she proceeded to RT the offensive tweet to dozens of people as some sort of implicit demand that they take responsibility for the offensive tweet. So this morning @stonermc discussed the offensive tweet and the behavior of this "group" of people attacking Maddow, and we learned that Joan will be talking about this kind of thing in her upcoming book. This evening, I engaged Joan in a conversation of my own, prompted by her tweets clarifying that she is no longer editor-in-chief of Salon and therefore not responsible for any content there but her own writing. I think I highlighted some inconsistency between the two conversations. I would have pursued this line of inquiry further with Joan, but we were interrupted in our conversation before it came to a proper conclusion.
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