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All about #Amina, the "Gay girl in Damascus"...?

About a month ago, a girl blog from Syria (written in English, of course) came to attention worldwide. The blogger was a gay, anti-Assad/pro-democracy girl in Damascus, named Amina. I personally got t Read More
o read her blog via the Guardian article on 6 May.

A few days ago, it was reported that Amira was kidnapped by masked gunmen. People expressed their anger online (Twitter, Facebook, etc) but then, there came up this mystery: who is this "gay girl"? Does she really exist at all?

I would like to reiterate that we should be looking at the wider picture of ongoing violence in Syria, not just one case of a widely-read blogger. And whoever it is, they should #freeAmina, whose "crime" would be being openly gay.

*This time I didn't just archive but positively chose/edited because "archiving" the related tweets would be too bulky to be of use on chirpstory (or storify or any other "curation" service). I started with @estheraddley, the Guardian journalist, and @acarvin, then included some others to whom the two journos mentioned on Twitter.

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Update on #Amina, the "Gay girl in Damascus"

It was a hoax. There's no #Amina, the gay girl in Damascus in #Syria

After #Amina blog turned out to be a hoax
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